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Relax Station Foot Massage is a soothing and healthy retreat, conveniently located in the 7/11 Shopping Center on Foothill Blvd. in Monrovia. Specializing in reflexology, Relax Station offers relief from stress, pain, toxicity and emotional tension through foot massages that can last thirty-minutes, one hour or ninety minutes by applying finger and thumb pressure to the feet and hands.

This San Gabriel Valley massage spa is equipped with a certified staff who are knowledgeable about the proper treatment techniques of Reflexology.

Relax Station takes an eastern Chinese approach to treat their clients with foot, chair and table massages and can service the whole family, children included.

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Clients are first treated to a calming foot soaking while they receive a shoulder and head massage. Afterwards, they relax to soothing music in a reclined chair while their feet are massaged, relieving built up stress and improving their health.

      Service Price List
1-hour Foot Massage $20
(Includes 20 minutes of foot soak & 40 minutes of a foot massage)
30-minute Foot Massage $15
(Includes 5 minutes of foot soak & 25 minutes of a foot massage)
90-minute Foot Massage $30
(Includes 20 minutes of foot soak & 70 minutes of a foot massage)
1-hour Chair Massage & Foot Massage $30
(Includes 20 minutes of chair massage, 10 minutes of foot soak & 30 minutes of a foot massage)
30-minute Chair Massage $25


How Does Reflexology Work?

By applying a constant and alternating finger and thumb pressure to the feet and hands, the reflexologist induces a prolonged state of deep relaxation. Through relaxation, the body returns to a state of balance (known as homeostasis), as the energy flows freely from fingers and toes to the head, and only then can the body heal itself.

Booth Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT)

Booth Vertical Reflex Therapy works very gently on the dorsum (top of the foot) while the patient is standing for a maximum of five minutes at the beginning and end of a classical reflexology treatment. Excellent for male and female menopause, infertility, pregnancy and childbirth, stress and adolescence, thyroid conditions and skeletal problems.

Complementing Not Replacing

In instances of illness or bodily dysfunction, a competent medical practitioner should be consulted. Reflexology is not intended to replace medical treatment or practice. Neither is it a panacea - it is an adjunct to medicine and should be regarded as complementary to it. An increasing number of people are using Reflexology to restore or maintain good health.

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